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Utilization and way of thinking of medicine notebook at our hospital

Our hospital is one of the few medical institutions that still offers in-hospital prescriptions. Although it is an in-hospital prescription, we issue a medicine notebook free of charge. I consider the medicine notebook not only to write the prescription contents and the name of the medicine, but also to be a contact book with everyone. Recently, it is difficult to balance with personal information. Those who visit our hospital do not only visit our hospital, but also many other medical institutions. In that case, I think it is important and important to clearly indicate in the medicine notebook what kind of treatment was given at this hospital, what kind of test was done, and how the progress was.

In the past, when a test was taken at another hospital, the results were only verbally communicated and explained. Since I was a working doctor, I have copied and handed over all the blood test results. However, too few people saved and used it, and I felt the limit of the service. At that time, 16 years ago. Someone said that it was a medicine notebook and was presented with a notebook. I saw it and felt it was this. At our hospital, we decided to reduce the test results, fever type table, and letter of introduction and paste them on the medicine notebook. In-hospital prescription, pasting data, it takes time and effort, but waiting time will be longer, but I think that is a service unique to this hospital. If you have a cold that is a little different from your usual level, you should of course explain it in the doctor's office, but please also describe your symptoms and progress in your medicine notebook. doing. It's not just the words convulsions and attraction, but in the text, so that when you read it, you can tell us what your mother saw and experienced, and what kind of explanation the doctor gave you when you were examined. I'm asking.

I think that this accumulation will make the medicine notebook a growth record and a treasure. Also, if you have a long vacation such as the year-end and New Year holidays, and if your child is sick once, you will have to go to two or three medical institutions. The treatment will not continue, and the course will be explained many times, and the content will gradually increase. The more difficult it is for a doctor to see you later. In such a case, it is important for the family to share information with each medical institution using the medicine notebook. But I'm the only one thinking about that. At the very least, we will continue to make that effort. There is a big wall of the Personal Information Protection Law. But when it comes to medical care, I believe it will benefit you.

Currently, the rate of bringing a medicine notebook is about 90% of those who receive a medical examination. Only about 10% can give us any information. Nothing needs to be stated every time. If you are worried that your level is a little different from your usual consultation. In addition, if you do not take it by yourself and hang out with others, you may be given a memo paper, but in that case, please write it directly in your medicine notebook. Also, when I asked the person who forgot the medicine notebook to bring it next time, many people said that I was sorry, but bringing the medicine notebook is not for medical institutions. I would like you to understand that it is for your own benefit.

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April 1, 3rd year Reiwa Director Nobuo Matsumoto

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