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Notice of temporary closure


Closed in the morning on February 20th (Tuesday) Regular medical treatment starts from 3:00 p.m.I will say that.

​We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Schedule for March


The schedule for vaccinations, infant health checkups, etc. has been updated. ​

Please check the calendar on the top page.

​About fever outpatient


Even now that the new coronavirus infection has become a category 5 infectious disease at our hospital, patients with fever, cough, sputum, sore throat, cold symptoms, malaise, etc. within 72 hours are treated at a fever outpatient clinic separate from general medical treatment. For fever outpatient, please make a reservation by phone. Please contact us by phone first for general medical treatment or fever outpatient consultation.

Telephone reservations are available from 8:30 am, and only reservations for the day are accepted.

We have received many inquiries that the phone lines are busy and it is difficult to connect.

It will be a reservation from the connected person. note that.

​To prevent in-hospital infections, please do not visit the hospital directly, but first contact us by phone.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

​[Phone 054-259-7755】

​ ​

​Notice about sublingual immunotherapy

2022-4-13 update

​Updated information on sublingual immunotherapy.

​Pediatric temperature table has been posted

2021-05-24 updates

​ When a child with a fever visits a doctor, we ask them to fill in the history of their fever. Basically, when you visit a doctor, we will give it to you so that you can write it down the next time you have a] and use it. You can directly fill out the medicine notebook for symptoms. Together [Use of medicine notebook] Please also read. (Please select "100%" or "actual size" for the print size when printing.)

Started registering as a family doctor

2021-05-21 update

The "pediatric family doctor system" is an initiative to protect children's health by supporting all aspects of children's lives, including not only medical examinations but also vaccinations and checkups.

​ If you have received medical examinations and checkups at our hospital more than 4 times, and will consider our hospital as your family for future medical care.For those under the age of 6 who are thinking of taking it. If you are already registered as a family doctor at another hospitalPlease note that duplicate registration is not possible.​.


Please inquire at the reception desk if you would like one. For more information[here]Please refer to the.

2021-05-21 update

Notice of change in examination end time

From April 1, 2020, the end time of medical treatment has been changed as part of work style reform.

Until 6:30 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays until now, it has been shortened by 1 hour to 5:30 pm.

The homepage was renewed!

2021-05-21 updates

​ Please let me know if you have any questions or inadequacies.


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